New Work

Landscapes of the Heart

I have known for a long time that some day I would create a coloured abstraction of my father’s farm. The only question was what medium I would use. Eventually, it occurred to me that perhaps the delicacy and luminosity of silk fibres would allow me to capture the ephemeral nature of landscape, at once rugged and yet fragile, always changing.

I began with the theme of “My Father’s Farm,” but quickly realised I also wanted to capture the essence of a farm that I lived on as an adult. Hence “Wheat field gold – frog green pond – reflecting kingfisher blue.” I then moved from creating bird’s eye views to wondering if I could capture a bunny’s view. This resulted in “rabbit’s view – early morning” followed by other pieces from a rabbit’s perspective. Some landscapes demanded a human perspective – what I saw when I entered the landscape or simply gazed out of a window. I soon realised that I was really working with the theme, “Landscapes of the Heart” – landscapes that have touched me deeply and that I return to again and again in reality or in memory. In each of these works of silk I have tried to capture the abstract essence of the beauty I find in the landscapes I hold in my heart.

Four and Twenty Blackbirds

While working on Winter Birds (2008) I realised that there were still more birds in my imagination. Hence a playful series of Four and Twenty Blackbird brooches is underway.