The Heart of Summer (1998)

The heart of summer is illusive. You can’t see it. You can only see those objects that contain it. I wanted to explore what it was that for me holds the heart of summer. I found it in my garden, the miracle of the leaves and flowers and birds that nest and raise their young all summer within it. The garden, then, is one of the central metaphors for my heart of summer. The beach is another and the white sands of my summer beaches contain promises of seashells – seashells rarely present, but always at the metaphorical heart of summer.

The heart of summer is also contained in light cotton dresses; the wet bathing suit hung on the line; a child’s shorts and summer T-shirt; the sandal discarded at summer’s end.

Summer burst with the strengths and energy of growing things and yet for every Canadian the heart of summer is as fragile as the petal of a single poppy or the shell of a song sparrow’s egg. It is a gift. This is what I have tried to capture using handmade paper.

Harbinger Gallery, Waterloo